An Autumn Romance

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I feel as if I've been looking forward to autumn since last winter. We had a gorgeous, lingering fall last year with trees that seemed to hold their color for months, followed by an unusually snowy winter and painfully late spring. Summer was lovely and golden, but this year instead of savoring every moment of sunshine and warmth I kept looking forward to autumn. As soon as September rolled around I was ready for every changed leaf, red vine, and apple in the orchard! I still wouldn't say autumn in my favorite season (I think I enjoy having every season), but there is something about autumn that sinks into your bones a bit more than the others. Or at least in a more pleasant way than some of the others, for winter also has a way of sinking into your bones but in a more leaden sense. This year we've lost a few trees and a lot of leaves to windstorms, but autumn is still a stunner. The year's last, loveliest smile lighting up the woodlands around us... modcloth maxi dress-18 modcloth maxi dress-20
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