Spooky Style

modcloth spooky-10
I don't usually wear a lot of black, but when Halloween is around the corner it's kind of hard to resist--especially if your black look features a skeleton top! One of my favorite things to wear around the house in October is a skeleton onesie (that I found in the children's department!) that has made it into my Instagram stories but will probably never make it on to the blog since I never wear it outside the house. This skeleton sweatshirt is nearly as cozy as the onesie and has the added bonus of being appropriate for wearing it! I decided to play up the spooky elements in this look with a black hat and creepy-ish embroidered collar. I mean, on me is anything really that spooky or creepy? Bonus: I love how the back of this sweatshirt is just a detailed as the front. modcloth spooky-30 modcloth spooky-5 modcloth spooky-8 modcloth spooky-14-side modcloth spooky-35 modcloth spooky-19 modcloth spooky-20 modcloth spooky-26-side modcloth spooky-33 modcloth spooky-36 modcloth spooky-32 modcloth spooky-15 modcloth spooky-13
Modcloth hat, coat, collar blouse, & skeleton sweatshirt c/o, old skirt, Miss L Fire booties


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