A Few of My Favorite Things

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Well hello November! While I'm a little sad to say goodbye to October and everything spooky, I do like November here where autumn seems to linger a bit longer in the woods and everywhere is coated in a blanket of golden leaves. It's definitely a month for staying cozy and disappearing into a good novel. I used to prefer paperback books (so much lighter to carry!) but as an adult I find myself falling more for hardcover books. Maybe it's because I collect books much more discerningly now; investing more in favorites I already know I love and so a pretty cover that I can also admire for years to come on my shelf becomes a bonus. In general I try to pick things out as an adult that I hope will last for years, clothes, books, mugs, etc that aren't spur of the moment impulse purchases but things I hope I can enjoy for the long term. Something I've never had as a treasure, long-term item before is a bookmark. Sort of funny in a way when you love books, but I've always been a bit of "grab whatever scrap of paper is closest and stick that in my book" bookmark sort of girl. When Silverleaf got in touch to share their handmade bookmarks, I began to see the error of my ways. Their delicate silver bookmarks are one-of-kind, elegantly engraved by hand and made to be treasured for years. Knowing my love of foxes, they sent me this delightful fox bookmark that feels destined to become a family heirloom. I think my favorite things are both beautiful and useful--it's one of the reasons I'm drawn to collecting clothes and books (the clothes will be worn, the books will be read) as opposed to other artifacts. This bookmark fits perfectly into my collection, something I can use daily as I read and made to last for generations. If you're looking for a special gift for a reader in your life, I couldn't think of anything more lovely than one of Silverleaf's gorgeous bookmarks. And if you do fancy investing in one, use the code "Rebecca10" for 10% off your order.fox bookmark-32fox bookmark-4 fox bookmark-11 fox bookmark-14-side fox bookmark-49 fox bookmark-21 fox bookmark-9
Silverleaf fox bookmark c/o, use code "Rebecca10" for 10% off
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