An Autumn Bike Ride

emmy bike ride-5
I don't hold much nostalgia for the past--not my own or the more historic past--outside of the fashions. I'm happier here today in my 30s than I was as a teen; I'm glad for all the advancements in human rights, medicine, etc that I get to appreciate in the present. But yes, I am a sucker for some retro t-strap heels and a red lip! One of my favorite timeless style is tweed. Tweed blends my love of vintage fashion and a rural lifestyle. It reminds me of country ladies retiring to their estates for a weekend of hunting in nipped waist tweed jackets and houndstooth caps. Hunting aside, it's a look I adore. One of my favorite brands for vintage inspired designs that feel authentic and wearable for every day is Emmy Design. I've written about them before, but I feel that in vintage fashion brands there's a dearth of wearable, earthy clothes. A lot of reproduction brands focus on prom style dresses or recreate dresses in bright colors and prints--striking, but not what people in the 1940s or 50s would be wearing as they went about their day. Emmy Design is one brand that I feel makes timeless styles that people from the past wouldn't feel odd wearing and for autumn they released some gorgeous styles I'm a little obsessed with--like this pinafore skirt. While not technically a tweed, this skirt is made from a heavy wool plaid that mimics the look of a classic tweed. The skirt comes in four color ways and I'm wearing the green plaid wool which has hand embroidered arrow head tacks at the pockets in mustard threads. It's such a beautifully made piece and when paired with a simple blouse, cozy knit, and classic beret (and vintage bike!) I feel like it could pass for a vintage outfit although every clothing item I'm wearing is modern. Which is pretty much the best of both worlds: vintage inspired clothes that feel timeless, but from modern stores in your size and multiple colors! One of my pet peeves of "real" vintage clothes is how limited you are in finding pieces that fit you and if you do find something that fits you, there's no options for other colors nor an ability to bookmark that shop and look forward to new collections each season in the same style.    edit-1 emmy bike ride-42-side
old blouse, vintage locket, Emmy Design fair isle cardigan & suspender skirt, old heels
emmy bike ride-3 bike-1 emmy bike ride-51 emmy bike ride-25-side emmy bike ride-12 emmy bike ride-16 emmy bike ride-43 emmy bike ride-48
old blouse, vintage locket, Emmy Design fair isle cardigan & suspender skirt, old heels



  1. Every time I see your pictures, I wish I lived where you do, Rebecca! The fall leaves are so beautiful. The colours! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. One of my favorite looks of yours so far! Lovely!

  3. Such a cute vintage style outfit! Also I'm in love with the locket and cardigan!

  4. So beautiful outfit. I like autumn colors... kisses

    Follow for follow? <3

  5. Beautiful post, as always. I checked out Emmy Designs website - I see what you mean compared to other "vintage" companies I've seen. I'll definately keep them on my list - I've declared a moratorium on fashion-buying until after Christmas...:(

  6. I really like the pocket details on that skirt!

    I find that I am rather nostalgic about history--but not in a way in which I'd actually want to live during a time period other than my own. I love knights and castles and swords and late medieval style clothing...but I would never want to live in a castle (unless it was 2018 and that castle was refurbished!), or wear medieval style clothes (unless it was a costume). I love a lot of different eras, but I appreciate my own so much!

  7. I was wondering if you ever rode the bike with that skirt? I love those longer vintage skirts but on a bike it's a real pain in the ass and I didn't find a solution that really works for me yet. So I'd be VERY glad if you had one or to tips for me.

    1. So Thomas took these pictures for me, which means he actually cycled out on the bike and I rode on the back lol! So I haven't cycled in this look and to ride on the back without getting caught in the wheels all I did was hike my skirts up!


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