Peter Pan Collar Club

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So it's not an official club, but yes, I do like to rock an old peter pan collar when I get the chance. Better perhaps even than a blouse or dress with a peter pan collar are these removable collars I received from Magnus clothing. I've worn them in a few posts recently so I thought I'd do a quick round-up featuring all of them since I don't write many blog posts focusing on my outfit details these days. Sometimes it feels like everything is full outfit posts and quick bits of text about the day and there isn't always space to wax poetic about the details. And I do love the details. I've been told my style is minimalist, but I'm not sure a minimalist would be all about the accessories the way I am. Whenever I put together an outfit I start with the broad picture, but then work my way down to the details trying to find the right coordinating accessories to make a look "sing." Sometimes it's a delicate necklace, other times a statement ring or hair bow, for these looks it was a peter pan collar. A small detail that gives each outfit a bit of extra polish, add that these collars are screen printed with adorable woodland creatures and you basically couldn't get any more "my style" if you tried! These are from Magnus's new fall collection featuring cute autumn critters and mushrooms too (although I don't have that one!); the fox ought to be my favorite but I think I actually like the industrious little squirrel the best. You can pop them under any tee or sweater seamlessly, so they're great when you want the collared look but none of the bulk of an actual blouse and a good option in warmer weather so you get the look of layers without the added heat (a note for spring as extra layers are pretty welcome right now!). Another cool thing about her shop is that she also has an upcycled collars section featuring one-off collars salvaged from thrift shop finds and otherwise unloved clothes. My other favorites in her shop are the butterfly collar (so pretty!) and the expressions which include the very necessary "book nerd" collar. All perfect details to make an outfit from basic to personal--which I feel is the main tenant of personal style. magnus collars-15 magnus collars-14 magnus collars-13 magnus collars-8 magnus collars-11


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