fox pinafore-29
Do you have a dream wardrobe item? Something that is the perfect combination of your favorite things that you can never find in stores? Well I never knew until recently how much I needed a fox pinafore dress. I mean, it's clear I love foxy things and pinafores outnumber nearly all my other dresses--why had I never thought about combining the two before? Turns out Modcloth had and now I have my mitts on the dream piece I never knew I needed! Anyway, like any good fox it needed to be photographed in a woodland setting--which luckily is right on our doorstep. I've received a lot of questions recently about where my photographs are taken, which in broad strokes is Northern Ireland but in more narrow terms most of the photographs are taken within a short walk from my house. This woodland path is less than five minutes away and so pretty in nearly every season. I say nearly every because as we head out of autumn and into winter it starts to get downright dreary around here. The leaves are soon buried by mud and slush and the bare trees become quite gloomy. Can you tell I'm not looking forward to winter?! Still, autumn has been lingering with us and I'm grateful for every day I can step out and enjoy this beautiful season of color.   fox pinafore-1-3 fox pinafore-26
fox pinafore-27-side fox pinafore-1 fox pinafore-1-2 fox pinafore-5-side fox pinafore-20 fox pinafore-19


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