My Autumn Presets are on Sale!

I'm almost ready to launch the winter presets I've been working on for over a month now, so my autumn presets are officially on sale for one week only! The price is usually £30 for all 6 presets, but for this week I have them listed for £20! That's approximately $25 in USD or less than $5 per preset. They are available in three versions: Lightroom desktop, Photoshop/ACR, and Lightroom mobile. These presets are what I use to edit my own pictures. For example yesterday's post was edited with the Birches preset, Friday's was edited with Hygge, and last week's post "There's No Place Like Home" was edited using the Damsons preset to bring out the lovely greens. Each preset targets colors a little different and gives your photographs a unique feel, but they also work together well as a team and each one is made to make the most out of autumn. Some presets are better on certain photographs than others, but that is why the whole set of six is so great because they meet a variety of needs. Birches is very warm, but it's great if you're shooting on a very grey day or late in the day and your pictures come out too cool or blue. Damsons is great for giving you autumn tones, but still being very true to green. My favorite preset overall is Pumpkin Patch; a purply toned preset that really punches up the orange and red tones. The presets will return to their regular price next week, so buy them now if you'd like to get them at a discount. 
autumn4 autumn2


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