An Autumn Swan Song

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I took these pictures a couple of weeks when autumn was peaking in our neighborhood. It was incredible to look out our front door and see all of this color around the corner. Now more of these leaves are on the ground than the trees and the thought of bare ankles makes me shiver. Not that I probably won't venture out without super cozy socks or tights because I am not always very sensible. With the legs rolled down and a smart pair of boots underneath these cozy cord overalls are warm enough for these brisker days. I get asked often enough online if I ever wear trousers and yes, yes I do! Here are some trousers! Honestly though if you look at my archive you'll definitely see trouser outfits pop up from time to time and I wear them off the blog as well. My favorite style is definitely overalls like these, although I'm on the hunt for a great pair of jeans and cord trousers in some of my favorite colors. I find it really hard to like regular trousers though, overalls are easier for some reason, but just regular jeans and trousers I always try on and hate. Super skinny ones feel too tight, looser styles swallow me whole, and I'm not a fan of frayed hems! So the hunt for basic jeans continues, but these cord overalls fill a nice little cozy hole in my winter wardrobe.
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