Return of the Blanket Scarf

modcloth velvet-7
When I first started wearing blanket scarves, I didn't even know I was wearing blanket scarves. I just thought they were scarves. It wasn't until someone said to me, "wow you really like blanket scarves, huh?" That I realized those giant hugs of coziness were actually blanket scarves, not just regular scarves. Flash forward several years to now and I'm as addicted as ever to these snug things come winter. Wear around your neck while out for the day, wrap around your legs when you sit down, generally revel in the fact you have a fashion-y excuse to carry something usually reserved for your bed around with you. Almost all of my blanket scarves are from Modcloth; I love the size and softness of them and every season there seems to be a new color or pattern that I somehow can't resist. This year I got this deeper red plaid scarf which matches perfectly with all the oxblood clothes I've been wanting to wear this year. It's definitely getting to the season to bundle up, so I'm excited for the return of all my blanket scarves (and knit hats and warm mittens...).
P.S. Modcloth is having a Black Friday sale, you can get 30% off $100+, 40% off $200+ (including sale items)!modcloth velvet-17 modcloth velvet-31 modcloth velvet-4-side modcloth velvet-1 modcloth velvet-29 modcloth velvet-38 modcloth velvet-22-side modcloth velvet-25 modcloth velvet-39


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