Cozy Corners

I'm all for waiting until December to start blasting the Christmas music and putting up all of your twinkle lights, but once it is December I'm so happy to see stores and homes decked out in all the gaudy decorations! As winter settles in and the evenings grow dark far to early, I find the festive flair everywhere truly comforting. A few cheerful bows and flickering lights and the grimmest of corners feels a bit magical. Throw a load of garlands and baubles into an already cute pub (like our local favorite Tomney's) and it's especially jolly. The winter blues have already started to creep up on me, so I'll take comfort in any form I can get it. It does strike me a bit bittersweet that all these sweet decorations will be ripped down in January, but there's no point in focusing on that. If there's any way to get through winter with your spirits high it has to be by appreciating the moment you're in. So right now I'm celebrating the Christmas markets, cute church festivals, and the coziest corners to curl up in with a hot toddy and good book. tomneys-3 tomneys-side
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