My New Winter Presets: A Festive Pack

a festive pack13 I added my winter editing presets to my shop recently and only just realized I never announced it on my blog! Between a newsletter, Instagram, Instagram stories, and so on my blog can get the short straw some days. But I don't think I'll ever be able to give up my blog completely. I still prefer the long-form of a blog; the ability to write a lengthy and thoughtful post or include a dozen pictures rather than having to choose just one shot. All that is an aside to the point of today's post: here's my new winter presets: a festive pack! I had a lot of fun making them and they've been getting really lovely feedback as well. I'm routinely demo-ing them in my Instagram stories too, so there's even more examples there and in my highlights if you want to know what effect each preset has on a photograph. The presets are available in Lightroom for desktop, Photoshop/ACR, and Lightroom mobile. Again it's a set of six primary presets, plus I through in two vintage inspired extra presets for fun so you actually get eight in total! I like a set of six because then these presets can work together as a team; not every preset is perfect for every picture but these are designed to work cohesively together so you don't have to use a single filter to still have a consistent editing style. I have been using these presets myself to edit all of my pictures this December. I use them as a launching point and add little adjustments on top to personalize each image, but am demonstrating them here without any edits beyond the presets themselves so you can see the effect they have on a photograph.
evergreen-2 holly evergreen-6 Evergreen: This is a very classic preset that brings out lots of detail and keeps greens very true. A lot of presets can kill greens (my autumn ones definitely do!) but winter to me is all about evergreen trees, branches of holly and so on, so it was important to me that my winter presets don't make greens look too gray or yellow. It's also less contrasting and brighter than some of the other presets in this pack.
frost frost-2 frost-3 Frost: Probably my favorite in the winter pack, frost is designed to make every picture look frosty and wintry. It's very blue-toned and works beautifully on cooling down warmer pictures or giving less wintry pictures a cold, snowy feeling. Most of my presets tip towards being warmer toned as I usually prefer warmer-looking pictures, so frost is very unique in my collection and gives the best winter vibes to all your photographs.
holly-4 holly-3 Holly: Inspired by the bright red berries on a holly branch, this is a very warm and red preset. It's more dramatic than the others in the festive pack so it isn't as universally flattering as some of the others, but perfect for when you want your photographs to have a unique punch.
mistletoe mistletoe-3 Mistletoe: Another great preset for green, this is darker and more contrasted than the Evergreen filter; since winter is such a dark season many of these presets are geared to make your pictures a bit darker and moodier. Presets to me are about adding a mood or feeling to your pictures. Mistletoe is also great for brightening whites (like the white little mistletoe berries) and punching up greens.
mulledwine-3 mulledwine mulledwine-2 Mulled Wine: This is my most popular preset from the winter pack based on feedback from my testers and those that have already purchased the pack. Mulled wine is a smoky filter that mimics the steam rising from a warm mug of mulled wine. It's soft and very universal filter that will give your winter photographs a real "mood."
sugarplum sugarplum-3 sugarplum-2 Sugarplum: If you liked pumpkin patch from my autumn presets, then Sugarplum will probably be your favorite from this set. It's a winterized version of my favorite autumn preset, a bit darker and purplish it works beautifully to add a rich glow to your winter pictures. Named for the sugarplum fairy dance in the Nutcracker and the candied plums themselves.


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