Winter Foraging

One of the ways I'm trying to keep my inspiration and motivation through winter is by tackling new creative projects. My latest little side project is to make seasonally inspired crowns with foraged bits throughout the year. I made my first crown last week using very prickly holly which was pretty but not the most comfortable crown in the world! I want my next one to be using evergreen branches and bits of white--either leftover baby's breath that has been drying in our living room, or some silver dollar branches I found in the woods recently. It's good motivation to get outside and exploring in this colder season. trees-21 trees-9
trees-4-side trees-7 trees-26 trees-33-side IMG_4180 trees-23



  1. I love that you're keeping up with creative projects this time of the year, when it's so easy to get demotivated! You're an inspiration, Rebecca. ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Looking at your pictures I can almost smell the pine needles :D

  3. Such a nice idea! Maybe you could post a tutorial on these crowns? :) I believe everyone is looking for a bit of Christmas inspiration right now!

    1. Maybe when I've made a few more--I'm honesty just winging it right now! But I think that is part of the fun; tackling something new and figuring it out as I go :p


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