Woodland Walks

gingham dress-26
This outfit is basically my ideal winter look right now. I find myself favoring more and more classic dresses like the ones Son de Flor makes; timeless and chic with a bit of ease to them. I especially like their new festive capsule collection with the embroidered collars or this gingham style I'm wearing today. Add some cozy knits and a backpack for collecting little foraged bits and this outfit couldn't get better. Wellie boots means it's even a practical one as we did tramp through quite a bit of mud to this pretty patch of woods. I feel a bit like a storybook character in this outfit. I've received a few comments on my Instagram lately asking me what I wear on more casual days or if I always look so "dressed up" and while it's certainly true that I have my down days at home in leggings and an oversized sweater--I don't leave the house like that! My blog outfits are my real outfits. I admire people who can pull off more slouchy, casual outfits and still look and feel cool. The truth is I don't feel good in those types of clothes. These outfits as "dressed up" or more effort as they might seem give me confidence. Sure it can take a bit longer to coordinate an outfit in the morning (although honestly I don't think it does; I probably spend the same amount of time getting ready as the average person), but it's worth it if you step outside feeling good about yourself. To each their own!   gingham dress-30
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  1. You are like a storybook character :) How lovely.

  2. That place looks magical, it almost seems like a bird might land on your hand and sing with you like on Snow White <3

  3. Your pictures are always so magical. I'm so happy that you feel is normal to "dress up". You can never be overdressed!!


  4. After all, why be uncomfortable in "comfy" clothes if you feel (and look, because you seem perfectly in your element in your photos) at ease and look adorable in dressier ones?

  5. I've always loved that about your blog: it is noticeable these outfits are your actual, living outfits! ♥

    Sora | http://dangerouslyme.com/

  6. I can't believe you have a coat in gingham. Literally all my dreams in coat form!


    1. It's a dress not a coat sadly--still cute but a gingham coat would be amazing!!

  7. Oh my Rebecca, these photos could be out of a Swedish/Irish Christmas childrens book! Love how green yet wintry it is!


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