Five Pieces I Remixed Last Month

sweater remix
At the start of each month I'm trying to highlight a few pieces I wore in the past month, because it's not always about buying new and more--oftentimes it's best to appreciate what you have. I'm not afraid to re-wear old pieces, so here are some of those remixes from my November outfit posts. Some of my favorite clothes are worn off-line more than online. I only share three outfits a week, so that means four days a week I know I'm not taking pictures. If it's a colder, drearier day (like we have been experiencing far too often lately) then I'm likely to pull on some comfort, cozy clothes. One of my favorite cozy layers to throw on is this vintage sweater. It's been worn a few times on the blog, but is worn even more off-line in the years since I got it. It's not that my style is drastically different online vs offline, but part of the reason you might not take pictures is grim weather which definitely influences you to dress super cozy!
fox collage
I got this Family Affairs dress back in 2014 and I remember being so excited about it. I had visited Nina's studio in the spring of 2013 and seen a preview of her 2014 autumn collection which included this dress with its striking bodice design and subtle fox print. It was an instant favorite and one I still love wearing four years later. I try not to wear it too often, but it definitely is pulled out every autumn and worn a few times through that season. One of the ways I try to cherish favorite pieces is by avoiding over-wearing them; so storing it in other seasons and waiting to wear it keeps it feeling special. I love the colors and the unique pattern on the bodice. It's a statement dress, but not too fancy for every day wear. 
You're probably tired of seeing this skirt, but hey it's such a perfect, simple piece! I got it a few years ago in three different colors and it's still a staple in my closet. I'm not usually one for buying the same piece in multiple colors, but if something is really working for you, why not go for it? Based on the number of times I've worn it (this year alone) it was definitely a worthwhile buy for me. Especially if you like a more bold blouse or sweater style, it's smart to have a few, plain basics to mix in with your quirkier pieces.
buffalo plaid-33 hat
I don't usually feature accessory remixes because it gets a bit redundant (I mean, let's not talk about how I basically wear the same shoes every day of my life...), but I pulled this knit hat out in November and it seemed a nice little detail to feature. I got it in 2014 from a vintage seller and I think it's so wonderful that something that's already old and probably well-loved is still being worn again and again. I mean how many times was this hat worn before me, how many times will it be worn after me? I hope its story isn't over but that it will continue to be loved and worn for generations to come.
Another heavy repeater in my closet that doesn't get a lot of visibility on the blog is a bodysuit. I love a good bodysuit in winter for layering. Most of mine are scoop-necks that aren't visible underneath my sweaters (bodysuits are great for layering without a lot of bulk), but I also like a simple bodysuit like this one with mock turtleneck. It's great on it's own with a flashier skirt or perfect for layering underneath my many pinafore dresses! Like my plain skirts for patterned tops, a basic bodysuit is great for patterned bottoms. 


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