A Romantic Night at Tyrella House

A work project recently took us to County Down and instead of just popping down, doing the work, and popping back home, we decided to use the work as an excuse to linger in the region a bit longer and book a night at the lovely Tyrella House. I always like an excuse to stay at an 18th century manor house. I've wrote a post last year on how to stay in a castle on your visit to Ireland, and the truth is it's surprisingly easy and affordable to stay in a quirky accommodation. Hidden Ireland and the Irish Landmark Trust are some of our favorite sites for these hidden gems (PS I've never worked with Hidden Ireland or the Landmark Trust and this post isn't sponsored by them, it's truly one of our favorite places to look for unique places to stay). If you're willing to venture a bit off the beaten path and are looking for unique accommodation there's loads of manor houses, lighthouses, castles, etc, scattered across the country worth exploring. For us it's fun looking at the different properties listed and imagining weekend getaways around the more interesting places. A weekend in Wicklow seems worthwhile if only to stay in the Wicklow Head Lighthouse and we've already spent nights away in Helen's Tower (a lone castle tower perched in the woods with panoramic views). Tyrella House was a thoroughly enjoyable stay--I wish the project had allowed for a second night here to linger a bit longer in that coral bed & bath... tyhouse-17 tyhouse-14-side
tyhouse-19 tyhouse-18 AfterlightImage copy tyhouse-24 tyhouse-23 tyhouse-6 tyhouse-7 tyhouse-25 tyhouse-9


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