Scenes Around Malaga

While this post might be titled "Scenes around Malaga" it could more accurately be called scenes around Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga, but there are a few snippets from other parts of the city included as well. We had a lot of fun exploring Malaga for the day, but we were there on an incredibly windy day so most of our pictures ended up being snapped indoors or rather hastily outdoors while being blown around by the wind (just check out the last picture in this post for proof of the wind!). Our whistlestop tour of the city included a visit to the Picasso Museum (did you know he was born in Malaga?), a walk around the Roman theatre, and a wander through the Old Town. In truth, we barely scratched the surface of what the city has to offer, but I suppose that just gives us more reason to go back, which I am more than ok with! We had a lovely visit to Spain last year in the early spring and this trip was equally lovely in a different way. Our last trip last spring was quiet and relaxed, this one was busy and bustling--we hung out with other photographers and Instagrammers and tried to see as much of the Andalusia region as possible in a few short days. It was a brilliant trip, full of good craic with the rest of the group, that reminded me sometimes the best part about traveling is the people you meet along the way. malaga-11-side malaga-15 malaga-9 malaga-17 malaga-5-side malaga-19 malaga-22 malaga-23 malaga-26-side malaga-13
P.S. See the above picture as the reason you should always wear a slip! I feel like slips are seen as outdated when they're simply a functional piece of clothing and smart to wear on windy days.
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