Glimpses of Spring

daffy-20It's not officially spring until the end of March, but similar to how it looks and feels like fall long before the "official" start date, I've been finding glimpses of spring all around the countryside. One of the things I really like about this region is how many phases of the seasons there are. We are teased by glimpses of snowdrops and crocuses before the daffodils burst into life. It's still a few weeks before the woods start to turn green and bluebells carpet the ground, but each teasing blossom gives you hope that spring is around the corner--even when the weather is as sporadic and unpredictable as it has been. March has definitely entered as a lion and we've yet to know if it will exit as the proverbial lamb. My optimistic is blooming with the flowers though. I've brought out my favorite spring and summer accessories and dresses. My straw hats and woven bags are back, along with a variety of pastel dresses that haven't seen the light of day for months. It might be a bit early for them, but a late sprinkling of snow from last weekend is not destroying my optimism or the hearty daffodils raising their heads in my garden. daffy daffy-2-side
daffy-4 daffy-12 daffy-33 daffy-23-side daffy-42daffy-35 daffy-38


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