A Quick Yellow Remix

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I have an overly sentimental attachment to clothes. It means when I'm doing my spring cleaning and come across as quirky print dress from 2013 that I haven't worn in years but is the sweetest style and made by someone I would call "friend" I can't justify getting rid of it. (It's by Family Affairs and while some of her older styles are still in stock, this one is gone.) Of course, spring cleaning is all about the getting rid part. I can't continue to acquire and acquire all these sentimental bits of fabric until I'm literally drowning in dresses! Still, this is one I'm not quite ready to let go of yet. So when I was working on recent Instagram campaign about keeping clothes out of the bin, I decided to do a quick remix with this one. It's startling to me how many clothes do end up in the bin each year--the statistics are staggering and honestly it's the last place your old clothes should go. Maybe that means taking a fresh look at that dusty frock shoved into the back of your closet and find new inspiration to style it up again, or if it truly has to go, thinking about where it's going to go. You can swap with friends, donate to a charity shop, or even find your local garment recycling center if it's too ripped/worn/stained to be desired by anyone anymore! 


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