Rambles Among the Flowers

white blossom-33
These little white buds are some of the first blossoms of spring. We spied them in the hedgerows between fields in February and slowly watched them spread to the nearby parks. Watching spring coming into blossom always feels me with such optimism; you can feel the days getting longer and brighter. Sometimes this is a false optimism. An optimism that convinces me I can wear a little sundress out in the middle of March with bare legs and be alright, despite the looming clouds or threats of strong winds. So after this day of mixed weather and brisk temperatures I have to say only my toes tucked up in cozy socks in these boots were warm! Rather glad I've hung on to these boots (and not just for their coziness). I got them a few years ago but never wore them much as in autumn I crave warmer colors and usually when spring rolls around I just want to retire my boots for ballet flats. But this year I've worn them loads; they're a perfect balance with breezy minis and are almost exactly the same shade as the grass. The most practical part of my wardrobe of late as I stomp through some muddy fields in search of every spring bloom! It's moments like these when I think spring is actually my favorite season. After a dark and cold season when the world looked a bit grey and dead, it's so nice to feel as if life is breathing into the woods and fields again. There are spring lambs leaping through the fields, new buds forming in spindly branches, and every extra minute on sunlight speaks to the warmer months ahead. How can you not welcome this season with open arms? white blossom-39 white blossom-17 white blossom-35 white blossom-18 white blossom-23-side white blossom-15 white blossom-30 white blossom-10 white blossom-41 white blossom-3-side white blossom-44 white blossom-51


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