Elegance Amongst the Apple Blossoms

IMG_1544There's this lovely quote by Frances Hodgson Burnett that goes, "if you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden." It might be a stretch to see the whole world as a garden, but Ireland in spring certainly feels as if the whole country has transformed into one giant garden. My region is especially lush in this regard as the end of April heralds the first pink blush of the apple blossoms in the orchards that canvas the landscape. Paler and more delicate than even cherry blossoms, the apple blossoms are one of my favorite spring flowers...although I do have a tendency to say that nearly every spring flower is my favorite. Each favorite is true when I state it and then the next plant blossoms and I fall in love all over again! Something else I have been loving this spring is this maxi dress from Traffic People; I've worn it so much lately as it just feels so appropriate to reach for on a sunny, cheerful day and we have been lucky enough to have those in abundance. Autumn dressing is always a bit of comfort dressing to me; it's bundling up in a warm hug of a sweater and cozy boots. But spring dressing is like a celebration; it's a party of bright colors and airy layers celebrating the return of long days and golden hours--it's floral prints and flower crowns and pastel shades fit for confetti. This pretty ditsy floral print is also available in midi and mini dress versions, but for me it seems as if every maxi dress has my name written on it this spring. It just feels appropriate to be head-to-toe covered in florals and primrose pink, a walking billboard for spring!   apple blossom-37 apple blossom-45 apple blossom-4-side
apple blossom-52 apple blossom-11 apple blossom-51 apple blossom-33-side apple blossom-19 apple blossom-9 apple blossom-49 apple blossom-17 apple blossom-28 apple blossom-53


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