A Seasonal Crown: May Flowers

pink romper-40Over winter I started a project to keep me inspired and outdoors in bleaker months--a seasonal crown. It was a fun challenge trying to find something worth foraging to make a crown (not a flower crown as flowers were not in season). I made a crown of prickly holly and another of brittle twigs and wispy seedpods that threatened to escape in the gentlest of breezes. Ironically as spring arrived my resolve to continue the tradition faded. Faced with an abundance of appropriate material for a nature crown, I found myself more easily distracted by other pursuits and it had been a few months since I made my last crown before I finally got around to making this one with the fleeting cherry blossoms. With petals falling like snow and dusting the ground in pastel confetti, this particular crown could not be delayed a day longer. The crown ended up a good deal larger than I had anticipated, but it felt good to make something tangible with my hands again--even if it was a fleeting flower crown that will too soon wilt and fade. I am quite routinely creative; taking and editing photographs, writing up blog posts, etc, but so rarely these days are my creative pursuits also physical. Too rarely do we put our hands to use on something we can actually hold and manipulate. In a world gone so digital, it's nice to be brought back to the tangible on occasion...  pink romper-44 pink romper-21-side pink romper-3 pink romper-14 pink romper-22 pink romper-9 pink romper-33 pink romper-10 pink romper-29-side pink romper-2 pink romper-36 pink romper-27


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