5 Pieces I Re-Wore This Spring

white remixlilac-34I don't normally buy a piece in multiple colors, but after I fell in love with this dress last autumn I knew it would be a staple for me. Surprise, surprise, I have worn it almost nonstop this spring! I loved it so much that when I saw it came in more colors and there was a sale on, I went ahead and got the purple version--I mean those puff sleeves and lace inserts! It's all the details that make it so special and a perfect statement piece. Recently, I discovered there's also a blouse version that has been tempting me...pink3pink remixDo you have certain clothing items that you think of as "vacation clothes?" This dress is pure holiday dress for me as it always seems to end up in my suitcase whenever I travel. I've brought it to Spain and Hawaii and this year took it to Venice. I do wear it around my own home as well, but the pinkish hue and backless style just seems better suited for a warmer climate than Ireland so inevitably it gets more wear on holiday! yellowOne reason I stopped sharing regular remixes is because remixes always seemed to be based on how wildly different you could wear a piece. I'd usually take one dress and try to style it with drastically different colors and accessories, sometimes I'd even play with the shape of it with safety pins or tucking it into skirts. Those remixes are fun and show how much you can do with a single piece of clothing, but ultimately when I wear clothes these days I tend to style them rather similarly. Maybe it's just that I'm older and my style is more "settled" but I don't have the same desire to mix things up and always find a new way to wear something; I'm ok with pure outfit repeating. Case in point: the above two vintage dresses that I re-wore and re-photographed recently. The pictures are more different than the ways I styled the pieces. I still get a lot of wear out of my pieces even if I'm wearing them in similar ways each time and ultimately that is the goal of remixes--showing that clothes are still getting worn and re-worn even if it's always in the same ways.blouse remixIf there's one staple worth investing in for every wardrobe (and I don't believe there are many staples that work for every wardrobe) it's a white blouse. Seriously, how many pieces does a perfect white blouse complete? Perfect with skirts, pinafores, trousers, etc. I'm always hunting for the perfect white blouse and I might have finally found the one for me with this style I've been wearing loads this spring. It has the same romantic feeling of the first dress in this post that I enjoy so much right now; a slightly vintage feeling with lace inserts.


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