The Wild Wood & the Fox

wild garlic-4When I think of settings suitable for my jewelry collaboration with GoodAfterNine, it doesn't get more ideal than this woodland scene in spring with the wild garlic in full bloom. Here you can spy badger holes and dens fox cubs might hide inside. On sunny days lazy orange tips float across the path and the air is heavy with the scent of wood garlic. This is a place that inspired the jewelry with some of my favorite woodland creatures, but this collection of rings and charms and earrings is also the perfect portable capsule of this woodland scene. I can't pack up a bundle of wood garlic and mail it to you, or capture the delicate flight of an orange tip butterfly through the marshes, but by casting them in metal and hand-painting their features and color onto petite pieces of jewelry this scene has been partially frozen in time and made shareable. I like to think of the collection as a tangible version of "quiet in the wild;" it's a bit of wild you can wear on your wrist and take on adventures in both green spaces and more urban ones so you can always have the wild within reach... wild garlic-16
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