Bluebell Trails

bluebells drum-17These bluebell woods feel like a scene straight out of a Beatrix Potter illustration. I rather expect Peter Rabbit in his blue jacket to dash by at any moment or Jemima Puddle-Duck to waddle past in her bonnet. I used to find fashion inspiration in vintage films and magazines, but these days I feel my inspiration can more directly be found in books and characters. I think it's because I find myself living in a scene that is so reminiscent of the books and stories I grew up on. I can imagine Potter strolling through this landscape with her notebook and watercolor kit far easier than I can imagine Audrey Hepburn here with her always impeccable makeup. So instead of taking inspiration from Funny Face, I find myself wanting to look like some Edwardian author (or perhaps Edwardian school child as my penchant for bows makes my style err towards the juvenile!). With the Edwardian era's penchant for ruffly aprons, giant bows and bonnets, sailor collars, and lacey white blouses, who can resist? My new pieces from Miss Patina give me a subtle nod to that era with a classic pinafore dress and bow-trimmed blouse. It's modern Edwardian, or Edwardian-lite, in clean neutrals that let the subtle details shine through (this blouse is made to be a perfect layering and styling piece mixing with a dozen pieces already in your wardrobe). A suitably timeless look for these ancient woods finished with the perfect pocket for filling with secrets and sprigs of hawthorn. bluebells drum-22blues-2


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