Apple Orchards in May

applebloss-8Do you have favorite pieces you look forward to pulling out each season? Since I live in a tiny house it's necessary for my wardrobe to be rotated by the seasons; I only have so much space to keep a few pieces on hand at any given time and the rest are stored away until the appropriate time. This means every season as I switch things out I get to experience "shopping my own closet" and finding dresses and accessories I had half-forgotten for the months they languished in my attic. One of my favorite dresses to bring out each year is this striped number that I adore so much I got in two colors! It's not vintage, but it has the feel of an authentically vintage piece with all the quirky touches and personality it's too rare to find in modern dresses. Our weather hasn't been the warmest lately so it was probably a bit early to wear this dress, but once I had it in my hands again I couldn't resist an opportunity to wear it. In spring I always dress with more optimism than good sense.   applebloss-12 applebloss-9
Unique Vintage dress (old), old earrings (similar), ballet flats, basket purse
applebloss-39 red dress-23-side applebloss-37 applebloss-29 applebloss-40 applebloss-18 applebloss-35 applebloss-7-side applebloss
Unique Vintage dress (old), old earrings (similar), ballet flats, basket purse


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