Dramatic in Red

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Rarely just rarely, the sun comes out in Ireland. An endless blue sky without a cloud in sight is almost a mythic appearance here, something to be noted and passed down in folkloric stories for generations. I'm being dramatic, but it feels fitting to be a bit dramatic in a long red dress, oversized sun hat, and vibrant rhododendrons standing as tall as a building. I actually prefer our grey and gloomy days for photographs, but I can't deny the theatrical light and shadows of this day added to the dramatic feel of the scene. This little red number by Traffic People has been practically begging to be worn. I have the same dress in a pink print (which you might recall from this post) that I have been wearing quite often this spring, but the red version took longer to get from the closet to the outdoors, it feels more like a statement piece, something that calls for a special occasion. But when nature is putting on as much of a show as this, then surely that is occasion enough to throw on a statement dress and accessories! Certainly you could save a dress like this for a special night or event, or you could wear it with some reasonably comfortable flats for a day exploring some local gardens and pretending to be a lady of leisure. I think everyone who enjoys reading novels occasionally imagines themselves as a character, so why not on occasion dress in character? What sort of story do you imagine the lady in these pictures would have? American divorcee on a European tour for a new rich husband? Or perhaps she's a daring debutant? Or wallflower who was dressed by a more sartorially minded friend? Whoever she is I feel she must have an interesting backstory with a flair for drama and a desire to turn heads.
P.S. Use code "TCH20" for 20% off at Traffic People. red dress-16
&Other Stories hat, Traffic People dress *gifted*, ballet flats, basket purse (old)
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&Other Stories hat, Traffic People dress *gifted*, ballet flats, basket purse (old)


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