Embraced by Lilac

When spring rolls around I turn into a blossom hunter. I stalk and capture (in photographs) my chosen prey of flowers in every corner of my region. No blossom is to be spared! With all of the cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, and magnolias blooming lately my feed has been very pink-hued causing a few people to dub me a pastel blogger (they clearly don't follow me in autumn!), so I'm excited that there are more flowers beginning to bloom in our region. Deep purple lilacs, bright yellow rapeseed and chain trees, even more bluebell woods; all of which should prove I'm not loyal to pink or really any particular color palette! I do admire people who can stick to a set editing style or color palette for their photographs, but to do so is to fight nature. Nature produces every color in the rainbow and varies wildly throughout the year. This is why my preset packs are divided into the four seasons and why my feed isn't consistent because I'm not a pastel blogger or an autumn blogger--I'm a seasons blogger! Even if I only took photographs on my in-laws apple farm that scene varies wildly through the year, right now it's a soft light green of new buds and pale fading blossoms, in summer the green is richer and stronger and come autumn the branches are heavy with deep red Katy apples and sunburnt Bramleys of green and gold. The woods by me right now are blanketed with a confetti of white wood garlic and dusky bluebells, but in autumn they'll turn rust and gold and in winter they'll be bare and brown. To me it just makes sense to attune myself to these natural cycles; letting my wardrobe echo the shades I'm seeing and spending time in every season forest bathing to absorb the subtle changes from week to week and month to month. You see the landscape change not just season by season, but year by year as well. The bluebell patches by us come back more lush and vibrant each year spreading further and further until they resemble a sea of bowing blue, while conversely one of my favorite green passages was destroyed by a farmer who tore down all the ancient trees leaving an open dirt track behind where shadowy greens and lace-like cow parsley used to beckon. While some things are lost forever there's also new areas to be explored and new marvels to be found. Spring is beckoning you outdoors with the cry of starlings and a zephyr of elusive lilac brushing your cheek. lilac-26 lilac-30
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