A Walk in the Park Dress

princess highway-60
I was immediately drawn to the adorable print on this classic dress not just because I thought the girls on it looked a bit like me, but because they're all walking cute dogs. I'm a total dog person. Growing up there was almost always a dog in our household and while I was pretty terrified of our Labrador puppy when we first got it (I used to run across the furniture around the room to avoid getting jumped on), I grew out of that fear pretty quick and enjoyed being around dogs ever since. One of my favorite dogs was a poorly behaved Boston Terrier my family got when I was a teenager. The dog was an absolute disaster on the lead--the kind of dog you try to warn people about but they never seem to believe you because he looks so cute--but lazy and sweet whenever he was at home. I remember many a sunny afternoon spent on a sofa with a book in my hands and that dog napping on my feet. Despite all this, I still don't have my own dog. I think about getting a dog pretty often. I haunt the local shelter Facebook pages and coo far more for puppies than for babies. But the timing never seems right and there's a mile long list of excuses to keep me from making the commitment. So for now I'll stick to my dog walking dress. It really is such a classic little dress; the shape is perfect for layering over blouses. I paired it with a fluffy white blouse for a summery field but the colors in the print will also lend itself to long-sleeve turtlenecks in earth tones come autumn and winter. princess highway-54 princess highway-51-side
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