Rambles Along the Causeway Coast

north coast ramble-2Just around the corner from the house we rented on the North Coast when my family was visiting was this epic trail along the water and cliffs and caves of the coast. The trail actually wraps entirely around the Causeway Coast; it totals 33 miles bringing you past Giant's Causeway, Dunluce Castle, and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. It's not the sort of walk one attempts in a long white dress and ballet flats, however as this part of the hike was such a short jaunt from our cottage we slipped here inadequately dressed in the evenings for a few pictures and to ogle the beauty of nature. I always recommend the North Coast to visitors as an area to explore as it packs so much into a relatively small region and this path typifies that--there was a patch of late-blooming bluebells and murky tidal pools to explore; just around the bend were fields of cows and caves echoing with the cry of sea birds. So much variety right on our doorstep, how could we not go out for a ramble with our cameras in hand? north coast ramble-13 north coast ramble-11 north coast ramble-18


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