Something in a Summer's Day

You haven't seen me happy until you've seen me happy in the sunshine and a pretty dress. With all the blossom of spring I had forgotten that summer is actually my favorite season, or rather it used to be. Ireland's fickle summers have made me prefer other seasons for summer only rarely visits us here. Sometimes the best I can hope for is a summery weekend (said weekend might arrive in May or October and avoid June, July and August entirely). I got married in the summer in Ireland; it was a wet, windy day and the temperature never got above the low fifties. That would be fine if it was anomaly but instead it was indicative of the entire season that year. That year--and several years afterwards--summer decided to abandon us. But last week summer visited again. I have no delusions that it will linger for a month, those brief days last week might be the warmest I experience all year, but it visited us nonetheless and it was glorious. I wore sandals and my toes weren't cold. I ate ice cream and didn't have the desire to shiver--I even briefly felt too hot. I used the term "roasted" to refer to myself. As I said it was glorious. We were also very lucky as these days coincided with a long-planned trip to Sligo and I was doubly lucky as this dress arrived on my doorstep the day before we departed. I have a few Hearts&Found dresses, but this one just takes the cake. If you aren't familiar with the shop: it's a vintage-inspired dress shop on Etsy that sells ready-made dresses, but the shop also allows you to custom order pieces. You can choose any of the designs in the shop, then any of the fabrics, even customize length and give them your measurements for the perfect fit so every dress ends up being an absolute dream. As soon as I saw the Lorraine design this spring I had to have this dress, in this print. It reminds me of Victorian school children in their overly ruffled aprons and I do mean to do justice to that inspiration with a Gibson Girl hairstyle one of these days, but as this dress arrived the day before we left for a short visit to Sligo I merely chucked it in my suitcase with a pair of sandals and my ever-present boater hat. Wearing it in a more inspired state will have to wait--summer was visiting, and when summer is visiting Ireland you must not hesitate. yellow-24 yellow-3 copy yellow-42-side
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