How To Shop Modcloth From Europe

belfastcastle-2belfastcastle-5-sidebelfastcastle One of my most frequently asked questions last year was how to shop from Modcloth while I'm living in Northern Ireland. Ever since the new GDPR rules rolled out it's been impossible for those of us living in Europe to access Modcloth's site. My regular work-around was using my parents in the States help and address to place orders, but that obviously won't work for everyone! However, I'm excited to say there is a new method to shop Modcloth even if you live abroad--Nordstrom. Earlier this year Nordstrom started carrying Modcloth pieces; this collaboration was largely announced in the US but I haven't seen any mentions of it abroad. What makes it significant for us based in Europe and the UK is that Nordstrom ships here! So now more than 50 Modcloth pieces are available to shop via Nordstrom's site without any special steps or tricks. When you checkout you have the option of paying taxes in advance or when your package is delivered. The selection is regularly updated and I've linked to some of my current favorites below. I'm especially in love with this perfect olive-toned skirt, sunny yellow eyelet blouse, and perfect floral playsuit. This navy patterned dress is the same style as the pink dress I'm wearing in this post, but in a new print--I love when Modcloth re-releases popular styles in new colors and prints! This dress is especially nice because it's fully lined, has pockets, and is made with so much structure and fabric to the skirt to give it lovely body and movement without the need of extra petticoats or a slip.

P.S. I have worked with Modcloth in the past, but this post is not sponsored by Modcloth or Nordstrom.


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