A Seasonal Crown: Blue Hyrdangeas

hydras copy 2
Hydrangeas are a really fascinating flower. You know if you want to grow a red tulip or a yellow rose, you buy the seeds/plant and then you grow that flower. But you can't just grow a blue or pink hydrangea by buying the seeds for pink or blue, rather the color is determined by the soil. I mean, some species of hydrangeas are white and you plant that and you get white. But for pink and blue (and light purple and red, etc) ones it's the soil pH; it's also why they are sometimes called 'Change Rose.' I just love that about hydrangeas. Sometimes you see a beautiful ombre bush of hydrangeas with the color shifting from one side of the plant to the other and it's so lovely. Perfect for a flower crown as well. It's rather fitting that my "seasonal crown" for July is such a mercurial flower since the seasonal crown project is all about reflecting the changing seasons. My goal with this project was to create a crown every month using whatever was available and in season to build the crown; in winter it was mostly pokey bits of ivy and some dried seed pods. This spring I've had my pick of materials to make the crowns which means most have been flower crowns, although I would like to get back to less obvious materials soon. Maybe a seaside crown built of shells and tiny bits of driftwood? Or in autumn perhaps I could weave a crown of plum branches literally dripping with fruit? Every crown gives me a reason to get outside more and explore the minute shifts between seasons...  hydras-2 hydras-2 copy hydras-3 IMG_6583 hydras-3 copy hydra-2
*wearing a Doen dress*


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