Live Simple, Live Happy

lighthouse pics-13Live simple, live happy. It's a good motto isn't it? Very applicable to everyday life, but this time the words aren't coming from one of my favorite authors but rather from one of my favorite local brands: Lighthouse Clothing. You might recognize the name, as I have worked with them in the past, on such posts as "Practical Clothes on the North Coast," because that is what Lighthouse specializes in, practical clothes. Which might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of my style, but is something I am forced to consider now and again. After meeting with a couple of members of the company however I can honestly say the ethos goes deeper than practical clothes. When you think practical (especially on the North Coast) you think wind and rain proof--both of which we experienced in bursts on this day at Mussenden Beach. But why are we braving those elements? To be outside, to enjoy nature, to experience that simple pleasure of your toes buried in the sand, or a melty ice cream on the beach on a summer's day. And that's really what the brand is all about--designing clothes that make it possible for you to stay outdoors longer. Clothes that brave the fickle Irish elements so you can keep exploring even when a raincloud passes overhead. I've acquired a handful of Lighthouse jackets over the years and they're usually the ones I reference when I mention I have a jacket just out of the frame of my picture. A practical layer I like to have on hand even if I don't always photograph it, although my new Bowline jacket might get a bit more camera time as it's my favorite shade of yellow and downright photogenic! I love the striped lining that peeks on the sleeves (which can be worn down or a 3-quarter as they are in these pictures), the deep pockets perfect for collecting seashells and interesting rocks, and rubberized exterior that kept my dry through those aforementioned bouts of rain! It's stylish, it's simple, and it looks like something an old-timey fisherman would wear back in the day. Equally classic is the Causeway top in Breton inspired stripes, which completes the nautical-inspired look. When my family asks for tips on what to pack when visiting these are the clothes that spring to mind: decent rain jackets (even at the height of summer) and classic tops that can be mixed in multiple outfits and practical in several settings. I'm not sure I totally agree with the statement "there's no bad weather, only bad clothes" but good clothes do make it possible to stick out some less than desirable weather for a longer day out exploring and enjoying nature.  lighthouse pics-66 lighthouse pics-24-side
Lighthouse Bowline jacket (on sale) & Causeway top *gifted*, old pinafore & espadrilles
lighthouse pics-23 lighthouse pics-12 lighthouse pics-40 lighthouse pics-26 lighthouse pics-28-side lighthouse pics-35 lighthouse pics-39
Mussenden Beach is striking for several reasons; one being the black rocks and caves that hug the coastline there. Another is Mussenden Temple (seen above) which perches on the edge of a cliff above the beach. It was originally designed to be a library with panoramic views of the area, but today stands empty and is open to visitors in season. One of the best train rides to take also brings you along this coastline and into a tunnel directly under Mussenden Temple. It's a beach we don't visit as often as we should because there's honestly so much to explore in this area--and on this day there was even an ice cream van parked in the sand serving up classic 99 flakes!lighthouse pics-50 lighthouse pics-34
Lighthouse Bowline jacket (on sale) & Causeway top *gifted*, old pinafore & espadrilles


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