The Little White Dress

yellowfield-33What is it about white dresses in the summer? Is it the "Picnic at Hanging Rock" effort or merely some subconscious desire to be as light and airy as a cumulus cloud? Whatever the reason, I'm quite addicted to little white the summer. I don't like them as much in autumn or winter when they clash with cozy layers and coats. No, they just suit summer days and simple styling so well. Perfect with a pair of sandals or ballet flats, a bow, or perhaps a boater hat and you're out the door. So here's yet another white dress I couldn't resist--this one a gift from Hearts&Found made to my measurements in eyelet (specifically it's the Ava dress type). Perfectly dreamy yet entirely wearable. These days I get more and more questions of "do you really dress like this?" "do you wear these clothes out in your day-to-day?" And the answer is still yes. Certainly I have my days I slub about in jeans and tees or weeks I get stuck in a rut and keep wearing the same dress again and again instead of making new outfits, but the things you see here on my blog or Instagram are very real outfits. I do get a bit self-conscious wearing this giant hat out, but I also get the loveliest compliments from strangers every time I wear it. And while the pictures might be snapped in a pretty field, most of my day is spent elsewhere, in those same clothes, looking out-of-place in the world around me! But I'm comfortable in these clothes--literally. I find dresses less restrictive than jeans and am usually in ballet flats or equally comfortable (if not supportive) footwear. Figuratively, I'm also comfortable (although the odd look can always make me cringe) in these clothes. They feel like "me."  yyy-2 yellowfield-3-side
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