Sounds of the Sea

lighthouse pics-52 So often when I write posts talking about being blown about by the wind, it almost feels like a lie because you can't "see" the wind in my pictures. Well, these pictures at least partially capture the wind we experienced on this day. I mean, I definitely regretted wearing such a short, flippy skirt and wearing my hair down! My hair was a nest of knots by the end of the day! It was a warm wind though, a rarity in these parts, and despite a few threatening clouds the sun kept coming out and it was a lovely day to be at the beach. As you can see I brought my trusty Lighthouse jacket along and it was once again quite handy for our typical Irish summer day. I'm honestly considering leaving this jacket in my car so I'm prepared whenever we go somewhere and I have dressed with more optimism than common sense. No matter the weather (and again, not complaining because it has been warm and we saw the sun!), I do love a day at the beach. Nature is always calming, but the beach to me is probably the most soothing place of all. I love watching the waves steadily roll in and listening to them lapping against the shore. Like so many places you notice so much more when you go still and just observe; quiet tide pools that looked empty at first glance suddenly come to life with activity when you hover at their edge for a few minutes, tiny crabs scuttle past your fingers when you leave them resting in the sand. I still remember as a kid playing in the ocean for so long that when I went to bed at night I still felt as if I was getting rocked by the sea.  sounds of the seabeach-3
Lighthouse Bowline jacket (on sale) & Seashore T shirt, old skirt & sandals
lighthouse pics-54 lighthouse pics-65 lighthouse pics-64-side lighthouse pics-56 lighthouse pics-59beach-2 beach
Lighthouse Bowline jacket (on sale) & Seashore T shirt *gifted*, old skirt & sandals


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