Castlewellan Gardens

Visiting gardens is always such a soothing experience. My family likes to tease me because when I was younger I aspired to live in a city. These days you can barely drag me to a city. Although I live in relative proximity to Belfast and Dublin, I've barely explored either. Whenever someone asks for tips on what to see or do in Dublin, I have no advice to offer. But if you want advice on beautiful gardens to visit from late spring through summer, I could compile quite an impressive list of locations worth dropping by. When I plan my day trips and holidays they tend to revolve around quiet corners of nature; elegant manor house gardens, towering ancient woods, and seaside explorations. Even amongst those haunts I try to find the paths less traveled--the castles that are lesser known, the beaches that don't attract tourists, and so on. I seek again and again the quiet of nature and the absence of a crowd. Am I different from that starry-eyed young girl who dreamed of living in a city or have I just come to recognize myself better? I'm not really sure, but I certainly wouldn't trade a day trip to Castlewellan's Gardens for a city break. What I particularly like about Castlewellan is the mix of manicured corners and wild bits that look almost abandoned. At the end of one path you might find a fragrant herb garden surrounded by tall hedges with a nearly hidden entrance covered in climbing clematis, but venture in the opposite direction and there's a neglected stone fountain teeming with weeds and lilies. garden-9 garden-13 garden-28 garden garden-6 garden-22-side garden-25 garden-18 garden-3-side garden-5 garden-2 garden-15-side garden-11
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  1. You and your beautiful photos never fail to amaze me, Rebecca! Gorgeoussss! 💕💕

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Absolutely beautiful. The gardens seem so large, especially in the photo of the fountain. I’m curious, do you remember what it was about the city that seemed attractive to your younger self? Maybe that’ll help you figure out the answer to your question ☺️


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