Style Inspiration: Tasha Tudor

tash3 tashatudor tasha tasha tash2 tashatudor2 tash9 Have you heard of Tasha Tudor before? She was an illustrator and children's book author who illustrated nearly 100 books. While clearly prolific in her field, what she is often remembered for today is as a lifestyle and fashion inspiration. Even one of my favorite brands (Doen) cited Tasha Tudor as an inspiration for their recent collection. She lived in the Vermont countryside at a sprawling farm and dressed in styles from the 19th century that she made herself. She kept goats, chickens, and corgis and nurtured a sprawling garden that looks straight out of a fairytale. While she only passed away in 2008, it's easy to feel as if the pictures captured of her at home could have been taken in another century. They invite us to take life at a slower pace; to sip a cup of tea and knit a scarf. For all that she looks quite traditional, in many ways she was a rebel who carved out her own corner of the world in the style she desired--she didn't wear modern clothes or own a television, she carried her groceries in a handwoven basket and would use her goats as an excuse to leave parties early. We often think of rebels as those who burn loud and bright, but I like this kind of quiet rebel. The person who knows what they want in life and finds a way to live it. She makes me dream of a future home with a large garden and pet goats; of a warm kitchen with dried flowers hanging from the ceiling and evenings spent barefoot on the porch listening to birdsong while weaving seasonal wreaths.


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