August is Golden

golden wheat field-9Do you think of the months in terms of colors or moods? I don't feel strongly about every month being a color or tone, but August--August is always golden in my books. It's the last gasp of summer, the final glimmering days of warm sunlight, and the world normally green fading into gold. Around us the fields are growing tall with wheat and barley, apples are starting to weigh down the orchards, and you can sense harvest already on the horizon. When I lived stateside autumn didn't seem to come until October; September was still warm and green, but here you can feel the fall in the air already. It's no surprise that Celtic tradition marks the start of the harvest season on August 1st: La Lughnasa. I'm excited for this month, I'm feeling inspired by the shifting seasons, and lingering spring it feels as if things are starting to happen. Instead of new buds leaping forth from the earth, we now begin to reap all of the benefits of our earlier labors. What good fruits will this harvest season yield? golden wheat field-21 golden wheat field-14
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  1. Absolutely stunning photography- some of these photos look like a still from a film. Also, I love it how you matched your dress and accessories to the wheat field in the background 🌾

  2. This is proof that you don't need a million dollar location or a million dollar wardrobe to get a million dollar picture 💕

  3. i absolutely love the way your work keeps growing and evolving, Rebecca, been following this blog right from the early days and it is a marvel in aesthetics that just won't stop giving.

  4. I love everything about this. You are such an inspiration! <3

  5. This is one of your most beautiful photo shoots to date <3


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