The Dress from 2011 that I'm Still Wearing

thepainter2 paintremix
Perhaps I should change my blog name from A Clothes Horse to "A Clothes Hoarder," because as much as I try to whittle down my closet (and as many things as I sold or donated when moving across the Atlantic!) there are still those pieces that I can't let go of yet. Of course, saving and re-wearing your clothes is a good policy to have. We should all aspire to have clothes that last eight years and longer! This particular dress outlasted the brand that made it; it was by a cool indie brand called Wren that went defunct years ago. What I love about this dress is the combination of two stylish elements: timelessness and quirk. I feel like there are a few styles of clothing that are timeless and will look good in any era, like a trench coat, a white blouse, or this style: a classic shirtdress. But while those styles are timeless in general, it's about finding the version of that style that suits you and one you will continue to want to wear for years to come. For me that is where quirk comes in; I like classic styles but with a bit of personality. Like a perfect trench coat in a timeless shape, but in a rust color perfectly suited to my wardrobe and coloring. It's the same with this shirtdress; the paint splatter print keeps it far from being staid or boring! I hope this little remix encourages you to find those pieces that are classic to you--pieces you will still love in a decade.


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