The Perfect Puff Sleeve Blouse

haybales-28It's quite undeniable at this point that sleeves are having a moment. In past summers it was all about the "off the shoulder" look, but this year puffy, romantic sleeves have dominated the shops and I couldn't be happier about it. For someone who loves romantic style full stop, I'm loving being able to find so many pieces in shops that suit my personal preferences. Now is the time to stock-up on all your vaguely period inspired looks with floor grazing lengths and statement necklines and dramatic sleeves. One of the most perfect blouses that encapsulates this look has to be Family Affair's Bright Heart top. As I said, I've been keeping an eye on the shops and this blouse has to be my favorite find--unlike other blouses with sleeves that don't hold their shape, these sleeves are perfectly puffed cotton that doesn't need adjustment throughout the day to look full. I've already worn this blouse loads this summer; it pairs perfectly under sleeveless dresses and suspender skirts and pinafores. A white blouse will always be a staple in any wardrobe, so it's all about finding what staple suits you--what styles you won't grow tired of but will come back to again and again. For me, this is could be my staple white blouse; a romantic style that I feel confident I'll love for many seasons and years to come and can easily style with a dozen different outfits. haybales-54 haybales-3 haybales-16-side haybales-53 haybales-46 haybales-32 haybales-23-side haybales-49 haybales-45 haybales-6 haybales-38 haybales-51 haybales-9


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