A Grand Old Chestnut

I first saw this tree in spring; giant green leaves and pink-tinged blossoms (did you know chestnuts blossom? they're lovely) on sprawling branches crawling with children. I made Thomas promise to bring me back in autumn when the area would be less crowded and the conkers would be out. A few days ago we finally visited it again and it was as lovely as I remembered, leaves slowly fading to shades of yellow and orange. That's another perk of autumn; children return to school and the weather starts to get a bit more brisk and the parks begin to get quieter. It makes it a perfect time of year to explore before things get too cold and the leaves all fall away. We didn't find many conkers to collect, but we did have a nice wander through this area admiring the trees that are starting to change and the mild September day. I shared my fox collection on Instagram recently and it made me wonder if there were any new, cute fox pieces in stores. After a brief look around I stumbled across this lovely dress and had to have it. Every year I seem to find one or two pieces to add to my fox collection, although I am getting pickier and pickier with what I acquire. This dress style will always be classic and the shade couldn't be more perfect for me. I want to wear all the burnt orange and rust-colored clothes this season! conkers-20 conkers-23
conkers-7-side conkers conkers-24 conkers-17-side conkers-3 conkers-11


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