My Casual Dog-Walking Attire

I thought for a change I'd share a more casual dog-walking look today. Solomon is sleeping longer these days (when we first got him we had to get up 2-3 times a night), but having a puppy still usually means an early start to the day. Most days I tend to roll out of bed, throw on the closest sweater, jeans, and then grab my wellies and jacket by the front door and head out with him. A lot of times I don't even put any makeup on or brush my hair before I head out, but I spared you that scene and freshened myself up a bit for these pictures! This old Lighthouse jacket (I've had it since 2016--full disclosure it was gifted to me back then, but this post is no way sponsored by Lighthouse) is my absolute favorite to have by the door--it's a perfect layer for these cooler, wetter days, and the pockets are so good! I keep a handful of treats in one, jam my keys, phone, etc in the other, but what I really love is how they have side pockets underneath the main pockets, so I can put my hands in those to stay warm while not having to touch the treats. Sometimes practicality does reign supreme in my life, especially when there's a crying puppy at 6:30AM that needs to go outside asap. He's worth all the lost sleep though, he makes me smile or laugh probably a hundred times each day and I know I'm full-on obsessed with him. Anyone who wants to talk to me will inevitably end up hearing about my dog. Hopefully my limited realm of conversation will expand in a few months and I'll be less prone to endless puppy-chat, but for now everyone seems fairly amendable to the puppy-chat--I can barely go on a walk in the park without someone stopping to ask me what type of dog he is and admiring his handsome face. He's steadily growing so I don't notice those changes as much (other than the fact that I never try to lift him anymore because I'm sure he's too heavy for my weak arms), but his coloring has dramatically changed since we got him. It's more striking now and his back is almost red; we know he's classified as a brindle, but he might even be a red brindle although I suppose only time will tell. As cute as he is now I'm excited to see him fully grown one day--hopefully slightly better behaved with a bit less pulling on the leash at that point since he will be a giant...
solomoney-14solomoney-24          old Lighthouse jacket, sweater, jeans, ACHxGoodAfterNine fox necklaceold Joules wellie boots
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