A Study in Scarlet

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What books feel autumnal to you? Stories of Sherlock Holmes always seem to suit this season to me. Maybe it's the changes in nature outside that errs towards gloomy that suits a bit of mystery; you don't picture villains sneaking out on clear, bright days, but rather creeping through misty moors in the gloom. So it's fitting that I was recently reading an inventive re-make of the famous Holmes stories and equally fitting that I'm in love with Miss Patina's Sherlock Holmes inspired collection. Did you know it has been 160 years since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born? This bookish collection is in celebration of that famed author and full of classic-meets-quirky pieces; there's the Adler skirt (and waistcoat) in grey and pink checks, the tweedy Watson cape, and adorable Adeline pinafore. I'm wearing the Adler skirt and Curious Jane blouse--I love a good statement collar and this one is epic. I love the sweet "stay curious" embroidery and think it will look so sweet styled under pinafores and cozy knitwear this autumn. Equally epic is this amazing red vine wall we found. How stunning is it? I love seeing all the autumn color emerge.
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Miss Patina Curious Jane shirt & Adler skirt *gifted*, old shoes, beret
*edited with Pumpkin Patch from my Harvest Pack presets*


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