An Autumn Moodboard & Shopping List

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pumpkins-17 Don't you just love a good moodboard? There's just something satisfying about collecting your inspiration in one location and then looking at it collectively--and I do think that is the best way to do it: start collecting inspiration at random in one location and then look at it collectively and see what themes shake out. Pinterest is a great place to do this; start one moodboard potentially with a theme (like Autumn Fashion Inspo) and then pin inspiration to it for a few days or weeks as you come across inspiring things. After awhile you should be able to look at your inspiration as a whole and see certain themes, like "oh I'm really into mustard yellow right now" or "wow I definitely saved a lot linen dresses to this board!" Those themes help you figure out your style quite naturally and prioritize your shopping/styling in the future. It's often hard to know naturally how you want your style to progress other than a vague sense of wanting change and moodboards can be a great tool for developing your style and figuring out what you really love. For example you might see one picture and think "that's great, I want that," buy it, and then not wear it much because it wasn't really "you" it was just one inspiring image. But build a board, see the same type of dress (puff sleeve, ground-grazing linen) and realize it's not a one-time impulse, it's a bigger theme that keeps drawing you back again and again. Maybe it can help you build a color palette for your wardrobe or figure out a new style direction. For me even if I'm not looking to change my style entirely I like looking a moodboards for a fresh jolt of inspiration at the start of a new season. Unsurprisingly, autumn ones (and autumn clothes) are my favorites to build.
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Fox clothes (always)

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Cozy Knits

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Ladylike Linen & Aprons

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Oxfords & Brogues


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