Words in the Wild

IMG_2772On Tuesdays on my Instagram stories I open up a discussion about fun and random things. Sometimes it's about sharing your secret ambitions, other times it's talking about childhood crushes, and recently we shared some of our favorite words (I like thistle). I shared loads of lovely words in my stories submitted by people and paired them with random pictures from my archives. I rather liked the way those stories looked, so I decided to make a few more permanent images of pretty words and pretty scenes. I hope you enjoy these, maybe it's a theme I can return to every few months with new submissions on favorite words. It's always lovely hearing different people's pet words and why people like them; some words have nice meanings, while others just roll around prettily on the tongue.  IMG_2790 IMG_2779 IMG_2786 IMG_2892 IMG_2783 IMG_2771 IMG_2781 IMG_2770 IMG_2902 IMG_2791 IMG_2789 IMG_2792 IMG_2769


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