The Most Fairytale Apple Trees

Usually when September rolls around I reach for all the warm earth tones in my wardrobe. This year while I'm still embracing burnt oranges, warm yellows, and deep reds, I'm also loving dark green. It's a color I'd usually associate more with spring or even deep winter and evergreen trees, but this fall I've been reaching for a spruce green more than ever before. And there is still plenty of green in the countryside here, not just on the trees whose leaves haven't changed yet, but in the most autumnal of scenes to me: an orchard ready for harvest. My in-laws grow a few different types of apples on their farm with Bramleys being the main crop, but the Katy apples are always my favorite to photograph because of how bright red they get. They look like the apples from Snow White even in person, I feel like everyone thinks this is editing to make the red pop, but they're naturally this super bright red color and towards the end of the season they get incredibly shiny as well. The Katys are usually the first to be harvested on the farm, so we have to be quick to get photographs before they're all gone.
P.S. This dress is from Lindy Bop and it's so lovely for autumn; I obviously went for the green but it comes in several other colors as well. It runs small, so you should size up if you buy one. Lindy Bop is also hosting a monthly giveaway on their Instagram; tag them and add #mylindyboplook to your pictures to be entered to win a £50 voucher.


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