Midweek Fluff

solosunHere's a bit of midweek fluff for you courtesy of our wolfhound puppy Solomon. It's wild how big he is getting already. I knew I wouldn't be able to carry or pick him up forever, but taking a few pictures with him in front of our house yesterday was already a struggle--and not just because he wanted to kiss my face or eat my flower crown! It seemed like a simple idea: me, a flower crown made with nasturtium from our garden, and Solomon in my arms. A perfect snapshot of the gatehouse in September and a nice memory of our wee puppy that won't be wee for long, but boy did my arms get tired holding him! Still we got some pretty fun pictures in the few minutes we spent snapping; I particularly like the one where his paw looks like a smiley face. He's a very sweet puppy who loves sitting in your lap while he chews on his toys and will even lay on his back and cry for belly rubs. I have definitely become that person who can't stop talking about their dog, but so far no one seems to mind as he's quite popular at our local park; he doesn't jump on anyone and isn't very nippy either, but greets everyone with a gentle wagging tail and loves being petted. solo solomon


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