Foxes & Wolfhounds

yyI started designing my jewelry collaboration with GoodAfterNine last autumn, although it only launched late spring. That's how many months we spent perfecting the designs and comparing samples to form my dream collection of foxes and yellow flowers and orange-tip butterflies. Which is on sale right now--buy any two pieces in the collection and you'll automatically get 25% off. GoodAfterNine doesn't do sales or discounts often, so if you've been considering getting a piece from my collection with them now is the time to buy! The collection was designed with spring and summer in mind, but I do love how well so many of the pieces carry into autumn. Right now it's perfect for the last of the summer blossoms--sunflowers and cheerful yellow ragwort and corn marigold echoing the warm tones of the hand-painted enamel charms tipped in gold. That's the beauty of the pieces we designed; they mix-and-match to suit the wearer and the season. The simple fox necklace that will look beautiful with nearly everything and the sweet stacking rings that can be worn separately as simply as you might wish. I'll probably wear the whole collection into autumn, but the fox necklace and stacking fox ring will especially be worn in high rotation through the next few months. It was also rather fun to shoot these pictures of my "foxes are wolves who bring flowers" jewelry collection with my sweet wolfhound pup in tow. I wonder what he makes of my whole fox themed pieces since they aren't a far cry from what he was originally bred to hunt! Given my puppy's sweet nature he's probably neutral on the foxes and wolves; he's far more interested in chewing on flowers and chasing leaves than anything that breathes.sunflowerish-10 sunflowerish-32
solomon sunflowerish-29-side sunflowerish-17 sunflowerish-49 yy-2 collage sunflowerish-64 sunflowerish-57 sunflowerish-50 sunflowerish-65 sunflowerish-63


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