The Tiny Toadstool

Do you ever get a fancy for a creative project and just go for it? Awhile back I got the idea of making a cute mushroom costume for fun...well mushroom hat anyway! I thought a long white dress would be suitable for the costume, so all I needed was a good giant mushroom hat. The hat proved impossible to find, so after texting my sister the idea and getting some suggestions from her I decided to make my own. I started with an umbrella hat (so cheesy!) as the base and then used paper to turn it into a mushroom and painted a few white dots on top to imitate a fly agaric. It was fun following this creative whim even though I don't have a need or many excuses to wear a giant toadstool around. Perhaps I will be invited to a fancy dress party this year--Halloween is just around the corner. I think the hat turned out pretty well considering it was my first attempt and the dress was already hanging in my closet. Once it was complete I knew I needed to take a few pictures in the final look and so headed to my favorite forest park. These woods are actually right beside the property where Thomas and I got married; if the weather had been nicer on our wedding day our guests would have been able to wander over to these clover-filled woods and admire the flock of white deer that haunt the property as well. Long before our wedding day Thomas brought me here for a walk and it's still a favorite place for us to visit; even Solomon has explored this forest now! The light was too bright when we first arrived so after picking the location for our shoot we had a bit of wander and stumbled across so many mushrooms! We found about ten different varieties, although I think most were inedible and none were the distinct fly agaric I was imitating. It was really fun discovering all the different varieties; perhaps we'll buy a mushroom foraging book and learn a bit more about which ones we can eat... mushroom-3 mushroom-11
mushroom-17 mushroom-15-side mushroom-13 mushroom-7"I've always thought fairies are like mushrooms, you trip over them when you're not thinking about them, but they're hard to spot when you're searching for them." -Jo Waltonmushroom-25 mushroom-2-side mushroom-21mushroom-4
DIY mushroom hat, Little Women Atelier dress, old boots
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  1. You really do look like a fairy in this outfit! I love the contrast between the rainy hat and boots and the summery white dress. And oh, those mushrooms look so good, almost like tiny freshly baked breads, although I wouldn't dare to try them out in reality, haha 🍄🍞❤

  2. This forest, your mushroom hat - SO beautiful & whimsical. I love it!!! (life + style blog)

  3. This is THE cutest thing I've ever seen! And such a great simple idea - it turned out so well! I adore all the whimsy of that mushroom hat. Also, your dress is DREAMY.

  4. this is just so special!!! it reminds me of a book I had when I was a kid, which had already belonged to my mother, about tiny people who lived in mushrooms and wore mushroom hats!!

  5. Oh my gosh,you look so adorable!This is my favorite costume idea I've seen so far this year x

    Jacqueline |


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