Re-Creating the Book Cover: Anne of Avonlea

I've had this book since early spring and I knew once autumn rolled around and my favorite birch trees turned golden I would need to attempt a re-creation of the cover. To be clear, spring was not the first time I had read this book. No, I have read and re-read all of the Anne books countless times and this past spring I couldn't resist collecting this particular book because of the lovely cover. The Anne books by LM Montgomery might be my most favorite series ever, so it's a bit surprising I haven't attempted more Anne inspired outfits or photoshoots. For me my inspiration from Anne is usually less visual--I mean I do love my puffed sleeves and romantic dresses and red hair--but when I think of Anne I think more of her dreaminess and LM Montgomery's beautiful descriptions of nature and life in a tightly knit rural community. In that way, I feel like I carry Anne with me always; I don't need to try to imitate her outfits in a literal sense, when I find so many facets of her story have woven themselves into my heart. Anne reminds us to find the beauty in the every day, to take a moment to be still and admire the majesty of the seasons, and to appreciate all the wonderful people in our lives. Anne has a way of looking at the world that reminds you how much of it is good and lovely, full of tiny thrills that we might otherwise overlook. It is the beautiful simplicity of LM Montgomery's stories that help them endure over one hundred years after they were first published. It seemed a fitting tribute to try to re-create such a beautiful cover of a beloved novel--and I happened to have the perfect dress to make it happen. I did want an Edwardian-inspired hairstyle to complete the look, but after half a dozen failed attempts at Gibson hair I settled on a simple messy bun. So in the end I'm a bit Anne, a bit Rebecca, and thoroughly thrilled by these golden birches and Montgomery's dulcet words.avonlea-3avonlea-13
avonlea-49“I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” avonlea-61 avonlea-44“She seemed to walk in an atmosphere of things about to happen.” avonlea-39 avonlea-66 avonlea-64 avonlea-10-side avonlea-28“But she had long ago learned that when she wandered into the realm of fancy she must go alone. The way to it was by an enchanted path where not even her dearest might follow her.” avonlea-63 avonlea-55
Little Women Atelier dress, old belt & shoes
*edited with Damsons from my Harvest Pack*


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